Monday, September 15, 2008

Lehman Brothers applying Bankruptcy protection In USA

This is new impact to whole world equities investment market. Actually i predict KLSE plunge down to 1006 points is due to this bad news. Of course i do not know the which bank will be collapsed but after take over bid by USA government to 2F. It may impact the credit revolving become tough.
Another bad news is Merryn also accept the take over bid.

As usual, a lot of rich man waitings this opportunity to invest. But i still maintain my previous opinion, Run out from the equity and future comodities market. Save you money enjoying interest is the best way.
Some more dangerous is predict the lower price for individual counter. Please do not forget , no one is "god" can predict correctly the lower. So, if you continue predict that the more suffering you must carry in this bad time. Please believe, everything started from "Zero", it can go back to "Zero".

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!

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