Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hold shares until you died but still zero return

After reading few articles talking about market movement on tomorrow morning. Most of the writer agree that Monday open is High. Because all technical tool telling us is high.

I am in doubt the high, Please do not forget although overall is price up but the important thing is" Would it can granted you and me any profit or gain?" So, now is a time for you analyst/restudy you own investment portfolio in hand become important job for you.

Like a lot of super star said buy shares should buy those superstar or five star stocks. Others stocks not steady and can not defence any high impact of adjustment. They further added, use a little bit time to hold it, the return will back.

But the above theory today hit by recent bankruptcy case, that's Lehman Brothers and AIG Group force take over by FED, USA.

The above experience teaching me. In equities market, no permenant theory can be sustained forever.

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