Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Suspicious attitude should bring together into investment of equities

In 52 weeks ago, AIG was registered one share cost USD58. When compared with today market price about USD4. That is a lot of difference. In the world, AIG is classified as a super 5start share. Its’ also one of the member of Dow Jone index. 3 weeks ago, if you in front of everybody and told them AIG share will fall down at today’s price. People reaction is scolding you as much as he can. Furthermore, if you ask them the reasons, he/she was presented to you the history yield and history price to convince you must holding the share until you died. Because AIG will living longer than you in this world and the pay out dividend can support your life expenses before you died.
But after 15 September 2008, they will give you another reason, Why we should not holding AIG share! Only 21days the difference comments/opinion totally misleading you.

On the above case, now you should aware rapid changing on every second is one of the main factors for investment of equities. Not only you should change you strategy by time to time and also always must bring the suspicion enough attached with you strategy.

I am still remembering before this Financial Tsunami happen, A lot of people claimed that I am wrong and bullshit. But now they seeking my advice to solve their problem.

A friend, almost 5 years never contact me, but yesterday suddenly ring my Hand phone seeking for advice. I was told him, “That is not a big deal because in this 5 years you already received a lot of dividend.”
He was reply like this: ” No, some shares was given dividend and partial investment, the dividend is nil. Now, I am facing the capital reduce 50% already. What should I do?” He further added “If place it at Fixed Deposit. It won’t hurt my capital reduce substantially, Please guide me!”

This is a greatest joke for me. Because previous he also claimed me is a big speculator. Do investment never bring brain and fire me waste money like waterfall. Now, he should aware that I am actually well knows the share investment. My strategy of investment like that because I am always bring suspicious on my investment portfolio. I will lose on litter money but I safe my time to earn from others because I believed I 100% would not survive longer than any corporation which is listed in equities market. And I also believed “Started from Zero eventually would go back to Zero.”

“In equities market, although I am not good enough but during the crisis times I was away”

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