Wednesday, September 24, 2008

KLSE Market Close at higher price on penny stocks

Today morning KLSE index member move at side way. A lot people worry the index counters hit low again. Hence, the investors prefer to stay away. In the securities firm, I brought a question to everyone. Why Malay owned counter steady? But there is no answer at all.

Market closed at morning is low when compared with yesterday. But after 3.30pm, the small up rally started by Ranhill Bhd and follow by Terbau. On that time, Terbau hit 44.5 cents and Ranhill break the 72.5 cents. It is strong resistance for both counters. After this two counters hit the higher, I also found that Equine also break 49 cents at 4.35pm. Close to the end of trading, Equine hit the 51 cents and closed at 51.5 cents.

So, based on the above data, I found that this up rally would not be running in long period of time because: -

1) The index link counter refuse to move.
2) International market will not deliver any good news.

But, if you want make some money for HariRaya festival. Please consider buying the following counter, My own prediction prices are: -

a) Terbau- buy in at 48 cents, and must run at 51.5cents
b) SAAG – Buy in at 35 cents must run at 38 cents
c) Ranhill – the higher price is 79 cents
d) Equine – can hit 58 cents

Please do not follow my prediction, it can be wrong and buy in on your own risk.

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QuickSport said...

yo.. thanks for sharing your point of view. I'm posting a comment to supports yours!

Will keep an eye on your predictions. ;)