Friday, September 19, 2008

I am not a God of Shares Market

Since Monday to Thursday, I received several questions about the shares market trend? They normally asked: -

a) What is the bottom?
b) Can I sell all my shares in hand now?
c) Would it good buying now?

Why they are asking such question? In fact, I am aware and understand their feeling. But I must sincerely and faithfully inform everybody. Actually I really do not know what is going to happen in the future.

Let us analyst some data in my hand.

1) USA’s financial institution was facing a problem on liquidation of assets in hand to settle the loan. This is main reason to impact the equities market.
2) Previous Commodities price higher impact the inflation stand at high level. Today, commodities price hard landing affected the USD currency stronger.
3) No demand due to economic slow.
4) International currency exchange rate unstable or rapid changing affected the cost of production and funds hard to definite the original cost.

That is also has some several good effect to equities market. Like: -

a) Central Bank of every country supporting the equities market and absorbing the bad loan.
b) Bad Financial equipment or instrument eliminated by this crisis.
c) Commodities looking for suitable price to fit the demand.

Based on the above data. Is it can tell you equities market hard landing is over? Friendly speaking, it could not tell you much. Because the above issue only can accumulate day by day until one day they join up together. Which one is join up faster indirect reflect into trend of equities market faster.

Please don’t ever ask me such questions anymore. Because it is impossible I can know better than you are. In additional, if I can know early than you, I think now maybe I am station at Hell or Heaven. Why? That time maybe I am God or Ghost. Haha!!!!!!!!!

At last, please fully understand the data in hand. Melt it and put into you intelligent brain to analyst. Maybe can help you knowing the actual direction of equities market.

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