Tuesday, September 30, 2008

US DJ FALL 777 points

Congress pledged to hammer out a new financial bailout proposal, but it was unclear how much support a new plan would get. The lawmaker in USA rejected the first bailout brings US Dow Jone index hit as low as 800 points. The fears also bring Euro market hit almost average 5% low over the country.

Asia market morning open may fall the trend, Malaysia KLCI also can not avoid the coming bad and fear adjustment.

Please do not try to buy in at this level, because the first heavy adjustment would not bring you any profit for technical rebound.

As yesterday i was told at here, please sell future to gain some profit. Now become realise.

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古小玉 said...

Well, myself & my frds saw this as an oppurtunity to buy during this crisis, we going very actively today in stock market. Wish us good luck.! :p