Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sharing My Experience to Everybody

A lot of investors classified himself as a good estimator. They were always claimed that they could pick the right support level for the index as well as at the right price to buy in. But they always forget one major issue that is economic element.

Economic element in one country created and accumulated become a group of wealth, To easy liquidating and faster growing up brings the assets converted to script for easy transferring. So, if economic element without any supporting based or ground. One day, the said script may turn as rubbish.

This few days, in the securities/shares firm. I have been received a lot of assumption on lower level of KLSE index. But, I never concluded anything. Why?

Because I do believed in the office of all funds manager, consist of few hundred of calculators busying doing this job. Why should I bother about this?

I also believed they are smarted than me 100 times. After the estimate figure has been obtained and table in front of their decision-maker. Definitely, they will do some activities in the said market. Hence, the transaction data will be display in front of screen. That time is the right time for us to plan our investment.

Of course, a lot of people may claim this is a bigger bullshit in the world. How can you understand the meanings of the transaction data? Actually, it can be done and my past article written at here has been proven that. Otherwise, I become a liar already. Please do not treat me as a god, I do not know the future. My estimation all based on the data. Let me tell you, how can I predict the index could fall to 1006 points.

On such day, I observe the future index and Genting Berhad share movement. The future index hit lower and break 1036 point to 1027 points in the morning. The last 2 month transaction, it is impossible you can see 1036 points at future index. On the same time, Genting Berhad shares last done price at RM5.30 at total volume of 1,600,000 shares by one contract. This two last transaction is my indicator. Because, I always believed someone has a sufficient and realistic information already knowing something may happen in the said market. Follows by while I ask myself if Genting Berhad adjusted about 10% lower on the RM5.30, what is the level of composite index of KLSE? After simple calculation, I believed the support level will fall to around 1006.(usually will be difference around +- 3points).

The above experience is not a first time been right. It already helping me many times escaped from the crisis. So, please do not over value yourself. Trust the data obtained from transaction screen and trying converted it to real information. People can liar you, but fact (data) does not cheat you.


Remnant 888 said...

What are yr feelings on the stock market plunging further to 800 points..?

Any good in commodities counters; KLK, IOI, PPB, etc...
Optional investments in gold: favourable..?

Ivan said...

Hi, where are you getting the data from? Any source for us to get the free data?