Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trend of index and individual counter price did not matched reasonable

By right KLSE equity market had an adjustment on today is good for long term. But, a lot of index link counters did not follow the down turn step. Most of them still higher than estimated. It would be affected next up rally stop by these resistance.
An Example is : - MRCB should go back to 785 while index stood at 910 points. So, if index hit up trend again these counter would not giving you any good profit.

Refer to yesterday of my future contract, it was given me a substantial profit in this morning. Of course, I weren’t allowed this gain leaving from my hand. So, I have been closed deal at 12.30noon.

After that, I prefer to stay away awhile and waiting another indicator shown in the market. By the way, if you want to try you luck on today, Please buy in TWSCorp. Maybe it could be given you some profits in the 3 days time.

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