Friday, January 23, 2009

A bad day for RAT Year

From the good open in the rat year. A lot people wish can earn some money, but financial crisis was happen in USA spoilted everybody dream. In the rat year, I was not earned enough cents from share investment. But i had been succeed escape from that crisis. Recently short up rally contributed me a little profit. I am hereby concluded it was a bad year for me.

Today, i had been cut lose my TWSCORP and lose about 1.5 cents per shares. But buy in again UEMland at 74.5 cents.

Equity market still perform badly at current situation but Malaysia market still can sustain a bit longer. But i am believe the heavy adjustment will coming soon.

By the way, Chinese New Year around the corner. This few days, just forget about the market and enjoy your holiday.

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Phil said...

Wishing You and your readers Happiness, Good Fortune And Prosperity...


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