Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As a normal investor, usually trying to maximum the profit and minimise the loss. Today market adjusted another 10 to 11 points totally hurt a lot of people. But equity market is cruelly game, it must have some people is a winner or loser.

KLSE ‘s market seems like very easy infected and influence by external issue because, we are: -

a) Not a Development country
b) Government policy does not have effective and efficiency.
c) National Commodities Company’s shares playing a major role on KLSE index.

So, in KLSE equity market you are always can see the movement of stock very funny. Like: -

a) Other countries index had been touched the new high level, KLSE index down.
b) Other countries index had been hit historical level, but KLSE index maintained.

Please do not apply same skill/theory at development market in KLSE market. It could be brought you confuse.

On current market situation, we should avoid buy in any share but certain counter already adjusted more than 20% from recent higher price. Hence, it would give you some profit margin for day trading, i.e. TWSCORP, UEMLAND and EQUINE.

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