Friday, January 2, 2009

Good opening day

KLSE equities market performance well in opening day. In my point of view, after broke the 881 points. It could be hit as high as 920 points in this month.

In this particular month, I am selected the counter to buy in are: -
a) Time
b) IOICorp
c) Resort

International market still volatile by: -

a) Crude Oil will touch at USD70 again.
b) USD in currency market would seeks heavy adjustment and touch hit history low against Japanese Yen (Estimate that is about 50 yen :USD1)
c) Korean’s currency (Won) will also hit history low.

My own strategy is every down adjustment about 30 to 50 points in KLSE’s equity market, I will buy in and hold about 3 weeks. In this year, I have set the index move around at 756 to 998 points.

Hence, in order to enjoy your trading. Please consider avoid buy in Company would declared high dividend counter to save your capital. Use such capital to maximum your trading gain, there is more reliable in year 2009.

If you still holding “Short” position in future market. March contract should giving some profit but others month become uncertain.

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