Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crave some Gain from KLSE 's stock

As usual, KLSE not allow to do sell short on individual stock. So, Malaysian investors aim for share price up only can gain some profit. Be a winner, must study hard on every step of price and analyst careful on volume traded on everyday.

Like yesterday movement of shares price, give a lot of implication it would be dropped. But finally well absorb has been happen and maintain some price at higher level.

So, if today market can run more than 20 points, I wouldn't surprised. There is a good support at every level of each individual shares. Especially those shares trade in active at first volume page.

So, if you had some idea on individual counter could bring you a small gain, Please buy in immediately. I am still recommend buy in WCT and WCT-WB for short term basic.

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