Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A number one Financial blog by Edmundtt

To: Mr Edmundtt,
"In the first place, i cant' believe people will having interest to read your blog. Otherwise,You should be spend more time to entertain those people which is interested your so call No 1 financial blog. Furthermore,you had purposely reject those negative comment and only allow those favourable comment visible in your blog. So, Is it this is a meaning of so called number one financial blog??????"
In my opinion,if a person said he is a number one financial writer. He should not be free and care about people's article. But I think he will spend more time to analyst more financial data to guide people in the better way of investment strategy to achieve the maximum gain.
Furthermore, as a genius of investor in the equity market. He had accumulated a lot of wealth from the market. So, he should be able to donate some of his profit and spend some of his free time to the charity association instead of finding trouble in the cyber world.
I am lucky enough you surname did not have any direct or indirect related to me. Otherwise i will feel shameful in front of my nation.

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