Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Short KLSE Furture Index at 935

After review the market transaction on first session, I am decide to sell 2 future contract at 935 points. Because i was found that: -

a) Commerce (1023) second time touched at 7.15.
b) Genting and resort did not follow today index up together.
c) Market 2nd time open at jump start 7 points (1st time at monday open at 901, jump start 7 points at open).

I was also noted that transaction volume reduce heavily at 2nd pages of top volume. It would giving me an idea to sell short at future index.


Su YSW said...

short at 935? u might change ur mind soon as the ave traded prices for fkli spot was 938.688 for the morning session.

Shin said...

Good call!!! SPOT ON!!