Tuesday, January 6, 2009

KLSE has been shown Bad Indicator at today

Market played a good show at today. It was made fears in the morning and given some profit to day trade player. Of course, certain counter still given some good contra gain for speculating. Based on today traded volume and price, it was given a bad signal, index would not performing well in the coming day. Normal circumstances, it would not giving you a substantial profit in the coming day and index adjustment will fall down in the range of 20 points. If investors selected the wrong counter in Monday, it will brings suffer and some worries.

As per tips given at here on last Friday and Monday, likes IOICorp, Resort ,MRCB, UEMLand and Time had provided a good profit to followers. So, today If you succeed taken profit. Please stay away for while to avoid the above said impact.

Market will hit down close to 900 points. I am waiting another group of supporter step in at this level. Otherwise, market will hit back to 860 points, it will totally spoilt all the confidence of supporter. If KLSE index would hit as low to 860 points, market will continue perform bad in the coming 3 months.

In fact, I do not like to make such prediction because sometime equities market would not follows you thought to perform. But I hope the above idea could help someone understand more about our market. The above data only is a guidance to assist you invests in the market more carefully.

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