Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lose money day

As a shares speculator, every time when market have a heavy adjustment. Definitely has some stock left behind in hand and need to cut lose. It had given a warning, market sentiment very weak. After year 1997, I had been known how to escape it to minimise the lose.

Today, I am trying to against my theory again. I had been bought in TWSCORP at 36cents, Equien at 36 cents. Maybe this few week earn some money and my mind encouraging me play again.

had above decision because of: -
a) This 2 counter had been adjusted more than 20% from the top.
b) As a guide for me whether should continue playing or quit.

Of course, this round I won't select any stock from 2nd page top volume stock. It can help me easy cut lose to minimise the lose.

At last, I hope investors please do not believe the OBAMA effect can help you earn money from equity market. That is dangerous excuse!

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