Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A good day For day trader

KLSE equity market in the morning session given a bad move to everyone. But, in the afternoon hot volume counter given a fantastic profit for day trader.

Yesterday, my question was highlighted Why MRCB did not hit down to 81.5 cents although the index perform badly. So, market already provide the answer, it is because the sell force has been well absorbed by market. I do not wondering tomorrow these counter will hit until 93 cents. But, please remember taken the profit immediately unless it has special announcement on it.

I am predict market still has buying interest because of: -
a) Predict government will reduce the BLR more than 0.5%. Due to these reason, Financial stock does not perform well as index.
b) The new stimulated economic plan will announce and given a good support to contruction and property sector.

Due to the above assumption, if MRCB can touch 93cents. WCT wouldn't left below 1.30 and Gamuda will hit 2.20. So, i am insist buying in WCT-WB and hope to gain some profit.

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