Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Open Low Closed High

KLSE 's market hit low at this morning due to bad news published on local chinese paper. ICELAND bankrupt is a old news, that country already seeking IMF rescue since Nov 2008. The government steped down due to conflict of politic parties. Another bad news is local paper help Pakatan party spread rumours "It will more local politician will jump out from BN."

The above bad news had reduced investors interest of buying in this morning despite of good news from external market. Our local paper sometime did a funny job, it would not observe certain issue on difference degree. It was always brought some negative issues/things and allowed few parties fighting. Recently the New ERA Institute and about the Penang state government funds allocation to Chinese association is a bad example. They could spend more than fews day to published such news.

As a reader, I was always in doubt how to find data to survive in this crisis but always disappointed. They only can given such historical news and afraid more people in this country.

At last, let us ignore such stupid news. Today market perform good at closing and I was bought in Ramunia and Ramunia-WA at 35 cents and 16 cents respectively. Because i am confident tonight EURO and USA will hit higher. I wish I am right!!!!!!!

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