Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today, We Earn some money

Today, We had managed earn some money from equity market. We bought in UEMland at 74 cents and run at 770 cents. We also bought in Equine at 36 and run at 37.5 cents. Of course we bought in with big volume, after minus the cost. We had few hundred ringgit profit.

Tomorrow, sapcres is my target. Because today it had finally created a strong based at 75 cents. Another good condition is sapcres-wa going to expired at this month and exercise price is 71 cents. If i am the company directors or maor sharesholder, I have to try to maintain shares price at higher level to encourage the minority interest excercise the conversation. But, please remember shares price movement does not 100% related to this issue. This theory only can apply to specific counter only.

As at today, I am still holding TWSCORP and hopefully tomorrow it can be given me some profit.

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