Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today KLSE equities market plunge again about 20 point and support at 880 point. What we should do?

Some investors had make a prediction market will touch 700 points but still buying at this level.
Some investors selling at 930 points and buying at 900 points but remain the forecast as low as 800 points.
Some investors said that at 1300 points been sold the stocks, now should start buy back.
Some investors keep on asking what is the support price for every counter but refuse you comment.
Some investors said government should not allow market plunge so heavily, it will affected the economic fundamental. Based on this, we should start buying stock now.

Are you is one of the above mentioned investors? Actually, any type of people does not important because the fact is no one can really affect the actual market trend.

Fears, worries and power of market force will tell you the true. When is the end of adjustment? What’s the support level? No one would know in advance.

What I suppose do?
I am still waiting. I am just waiting. I am still stay away.

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