Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Be Stupid or Be Wiser

Last few days in my article, had pointed out own opinion about the comments on radio as well as article on local newspaper. Honestly, I am hate to made such comment into public. But, I am really felt disappointed on those people without certain specific knowledge but classified themselves as professional. Furthermore, encouraging by certain group of people putting into public.

My little wild opinion definitely could not help Malaysia population enjoy any benefit. But, the fact and history of every matter should allow/provide/inform ordinary people aware it and try to understand it.

The impact from the Financial Crisis was started from USA, assume that it will slowly landing into our nation. To prevent, to minimise or to avoid is a main duty of everyone. If those publication still trying to manipulate the emotion of reader. Subsequently, everyone will more suffer on it.

Some time the fact also ugly and brings unbelievable. But, as a responsible people, the advise and analytical report must be able matched with realistic data and information.

I noted that still a lot of people likes to showing their skill and wiser to another. Like: -
a) Complaint the Bank Negara never cut interest rate.
b) Complaint government never put in extra funds to rescue KLSE, or

Made super forecast on KLSE index will touch 700 points and also predict specific counter good for long term investment, but he had: -

1) Buying at index link counter at this level
2) Selling specific counter at this price.

If you are trying to obtain some data/opinions from them in order to support the above said comment. They would tell you: -
“Someone tell me that it will be happen!”
“ I saw my friend buying in now!”
“He is got plenty of money in bank!”
“Government should invest 20 billion into share market”
“ 5 billion not enough!”
“He already make a lot of money from this adjustment!”
“ Cut interest rate is a good idea and it must immediate do it now!”
“ Government not allows plantation price broke this level!”
“ Government very slow reaction!”

The above stupid activity/rumours everyday would happen in the equity market. Do you want to be one of them?

The conflict of comment brings you confuse. Hence, now you should understand, be a good investor priority is keeps away from those people.

Always remember, wants to “Be Stupid” or “Be Wiser” is optional by your own decision.

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