Saturday, October 25, 2008

Supporting Price for KLSE Index Member

My friend asked me to open a blog for him. Because he wants to highlight KLSE index counter 's reasonable price to investors.

That is not a free viewing blog and not open it for public. So, if you are interested please registered at my chat box.
He was gave me a first counter reasonable price. That is IOICorp. Please click KLSE.

I personally does not against my friend point of view. That is offer and acceptance deal. Everyone would not happy the above deal, just ignore it.

However, I found that a lot of investors like to lost money easily on his/her investment by few thousand, but buying a chicken rice cost expensive RM0.20 also fire the hawker. The worst is ,they keep on taking a cheap things to maintain his normal life.

While my friend telling me the above situation. I personally feel that since they can lost hard money money to anyone in the market. It is making sense for him to collect the reasonable cost for extra service.

Everybody in this world hope for free lunch, because they think other people should given them free support and make them become rich. That kind of attitude just brought him/her blindly lost money with no sense.

Fact is, if you pay nothing to go somewhere, you must use you own leg to reach the destination. If you willing to pay transport fees, of course they is a driver willing to help you.

Of course, the supporting price determined by my friend must obtain my advice before post it at there, because the said blog will manage by me.

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