Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A fear and A tear

Yesterday a lot of investors while checking out the Australia's government cut rate, CNBC early news displayed Dow Jone Future Index positive and Euro market open positive. They already trying buy some valuable stock to hope can enjoy the technical reboung.

As I am always said before, please do not try earn the minumum income by way of "you thought". Equity market is cannot be use you own imagination to buying or selling.

Actually the fear already spread in to all level of population at USA. In global market concept applied it since 5 years ago. No one in the earth can escape from the impact of economic happen in one of the another country.

The DJ plunge down 500 points again on yesterday, today your tear will follow you fear again but this is not end yet. In order to reduce you continue fear on everyday. Why not stay away from equity market a while?


3POINT8 said...

Everything in aus is displayed in red. The screen is bloody red~~~

古小玉 said...

Some of my frds are thinking the other way round, they found this is the good oppurtunity to earn quick money and in fact they have bought a lot of stocks today, i.e. KNM, IOICORP, AMMB. They believe market will not everyday drop, there will be a day market will rebounce after sharp dropped recently. In fact they have earned a lot of money during this period. They confident market will be rebounced tommorrow. Let's see!

stockname said...

A lot of ppl survive in this world has their own choice. Like genting casino and magnum 4d also everyday crowed by all people to test their luck. my blog just given an idea about my view. i never stop people buying and selling. They always can ignore my opinion, that is cost free.

No one person can stop others must follow the step. If i am not mistaken on last three week ago, our local media everyday also highlighted super analyst report said that we should take/keep this and that shares for long term investment. They further provide more info/data to support the said report. Lehman brothers before bankrupt also highlighted they had own 670 billion assets in hand. But today all the results proof that is wrong. As a blogger here, i just simply adopting my own opinion to sharing with others.

So, if anyone would like to buy/sell any shares or recommend any shares at here, pls hold own responsible. And how much they earn or lose is nothing concern about this blogholder. Further, actually if someone need to declared to public, they have been earned fr this crisis, i am here suggest they should published out this news in local media would be more suitable.Maybe media will consider highlighted as super hero in the head line on thier publication.

Haha, At last, Honestly i really not interested how they can make money. Because they never pay me any advertising fees at here. If they ready to donate some charity funds, maybe i can recommend some society for them to do so. Or maybe put a advertisement here to support me hard working on blog. Haha.

Btw, thanks for visit and comments.

古小玉 said...

Yup.. maybe luck is on their side or maybe they have to own stragegy to buy/sell share. But nowaday I perfer to buy 4D, small money to win big money..hehe!