Monday, October 13, 2008

Bottom Level!

Today, I think most of the people would like to predicting or estimating bottom level of KLSE index points. Is it these bottom level would help you to improve you quality of life? Is that would help you enjoying life in the next 20 or 30 years? Is it the right prediction will giving any prizes? Is it the bottom level causing you more happiness?

I am here daring to do any conclusion. Because in my own opinion, all the answer is “NO” or “NOT IMPORTANT”. Why? If the bottom level as per requested were happen or arrived, that economic situation in the country will turn worst. If you prediction is correct, I believed currently your should busy on rescue yourself and worry about your saving is safe or unsafe. So, Is that bottom level granted you any good credit on such 100% accuracy prediction?

Stupid people always worry about other thing. Smart and intelligent people already start planning to adjust his in hand wealth and assets to reduce the risk on such impact of recession instead of wasting time on stupid prediction.

Example like, Tsunami was happen in others place, your are 100% accurate estimated the number of people was died. Is it such accuracy prediction will help you ignore or escape from this dilemma?

So, If you feel not comfortable. Please take immediate action to rectify or adjust your existing business, in order to prevent it to meet such bad impact. The necessary step became more relevant, realistic and important. Don’t dream, Don’t use imagination, Don’t 100% believe public rumours. Don’t waste time on doing such unnecessary prediction.

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