Monday, October 6, 2008

Apply Equity Investment strategy to understand you Lover

At present, if you are an investor. You should able to know this game is a tough game. In order to understand the basic of equity investment. You should had widen and well knowledge to build up your investment portfolio. Its consists of various strategy you should required and also required you had well knowledge on your normal life. These complex games attract a lot of people attention on it and also indirectly bring some common people involving although they hate this game. Why?

Recently, everybody know USA happen a Financial Crisis, the results of crisis hit the Wall Street giant company like AIG and Lehman Brothers fall into take over bid and bankruptcy respectively. Finally, USA FED compulsory implemented a Bailout proposal to restructure the fundamental of the Financial Institution’s assets base. It was incurred about USD700 billion from taxpayer money. Hence, as I mentioned above. Although you are personally not involving into equity market but government force you join into the party. Furthermore, if you are compulsory contributing certain percentage on you retirement funds. The said funds may also invest certain percentage into equity market. The above is the evident proof that you are being is the equity investor long time ago.
So, now I believed everybody would agree that equity investment is a high-class game. Can bring you step into trouble without your were informed.

Apart of the above, equity investment also is a good instrument to allow you to understand more on your lover’s real character. Like: -
a) If he/she had lose on equity investment. Although that is not you idea, but he/she is blaming on your never advice him/her in advance. It was indicated he/she is an irresponsible type of people
b) If he/she would like to blame you never assist him/her monitor the said investment. Means that he/she not eligible be a good leader.
c) If he/she listen outsource news to buying the investment, its mean that he/she does not have personal ideal plans for his/her future.
d) If he/she was lose on equity investment, but refuse to admit it. This indicated he/she very stubborn and always need people give priority attention on him/her.
That above prescribes on human being character just for you to understand more but will not 100% correct applying onto everybody. That is just suitable to apply it as an alert to remind you! Maybe, yours’ future partner is this type of human being.

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