Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Strategy or Method

If you ask me which method I has been used to do my investment on equity? Usually, my answer is “My strategy does not suitable for you.”

Everyone in this world has had own character and difference behaviour. If you force some one apply a same method, the ultimate result would also difference. Hence, looking for suitable method to match you own character usually can bring you meet the target instead of copying people method brought you mislead and uncertain.

My character is greedy and aggressive plus aim for fast return. Thus, every transaction applying is “Buy in by volume with take profit in short period” method. So, although I finally succeed bought in some lower price on certain stock. I could not enjoy the maximum yield on this stock. Why? Because, if this particular shares move on higher about 3 to 5%, I will realise the profit immediately. I do not care about future forecast and future price although one day this particular equity may contribute me double or 3 times of return. I do not have such patient and tolerance on that.
Therefore, if you had hold above character and no confidant on the specific counter could move up in the few days time. Usually I would advise you stay away. Otherwise, if yours prediction was wrong, the coming adjustment would make you face uncountable big losses.

Hence, this kind of person does not care about the bottom price for individual equity. They also do not interested on lower index level when would arrive. In market, they are always searching a counter which can be within the settlement day giving him a maximum profit. They are also do not bother the good or bad shares, as far as the particular share can bring him a good return. No specific guide, no specific counter is their priority. They are sudden appearing in anywhere, which the delicious food was ready. But, always worry about the trap is waiting at nearest corner.
To capture and manipulate this strategy, the basic requirement skill is "Fast Decision." This is a dangerous/high risk way to approach the investment of equity.
Are you interested? Are you well prepare to facing this challenge? Are you same character as me?

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