Monday, October 6, 2008

Equity Display Screen

When any big adjustment into equity market, our local media would had a photo highlighted the people standing in front of big display screen to show their happiness or frustration. It made a lot of newbie (new bird) in doubt. Why be an investor must go equity firm to monitor the price? Hence, the newbie always worries if they spend the time to monitor the price, it may brings them lost a lot of enjoying time in their life.
The above query has mislead them do not simply involve any equity investment.

I do agree playing any game if never involve closely, it would not gave your good return. But honestly, I was being an investor so many years. Nor and neither sat in front of said display screen in the whole day. My experience was told me, if you spend a day to monitor your own investment, you will lose the direction. Because you would treat yourself can give some supporting on the said equity, if you stand it closely. But in fact, there is “Not”.

Your are not even know who is the equity market buyers and sellers display on the screen. How would you can easily assumed that or determined that, they are supporting or against the said prise. Therefore, those investors was standing in front of the display screen just only will mislead by own emotion. They would make some assumption, they would make some dreams, and they also would make some imagination. Will you want to follows them made such stupid reaction?

I am believed the youngest now love to play online cyber game. They can spend a day to meet the objective/target. But, I could say that 99% of them would not happy in the end of the game. Why?

Actually, the both games ultimate results were same. Everyone also aiming to be a winner but eventually the loser percentage always is higher.
I am not a good player in the online game. But, sometime I will spend one or two hour to release some tension of my life. Hence, be a good and smart investor, avoiding sit in front of display screen could bring you feel calm and steady. Just doing some record on your “bought share” daily moment like: - Highest/ lower price and volume done for analyst purpose. Use this data to match with the economic fundamental and overall markets moving trend. It would give you a good surprise.


3POINT8 said...

yea i heard. Sitting in front of the computer screen all the time makes an investor nervous and that nervourness might impair their sense of judgement.

Good write up!

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