Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Would Crisis or Dilemma created a New Professional Skill in the rural?

This few days some many economists suddenly appear in environment. Similar like after 8 March 2008, there is a group of politician sat beside you to judge our current policy of government. Are there really is professional of economist or politician? I don’t know. But seems like they can point out the false plus could guide you a right direction.

Today, I receive a note claimed that we should do this or apply that on our country financial policy. They further guide me; USA or Hong Kong or Japan government should adopt this or manipulate that in to their country. Do you wants to trust this type of professional to build up you investment portfolio or re-planning you life style?

Honestly, when you refer this professional’s investment portfolio or his saving. I think you wants feel faint down on the floor. Like me, just can zipped up my mouth and sat beside them and listen.

Actually, your are not necessary listen so many comments, because if you trust you own estimation on projected index points. You should take own step to make necessary adjustment on you own portfolio.

Let us ignore the above, because the important is what will happen in the coming few days. After reading the data on Asia Pacific equities market and yesterday US DJ index performance. My feeling fears had increased time to time.

One way, just stay away. If you want to know my friend’s point of view, just click on FBM100.

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