Friday, October 10, 2008


A lot of my friend wondering why every time before the crisis would happen I could escaped it in advance. They are suspicious me owned a miracle crystal ball. Honestly, I do not own any specific equipment to assist me. The most of the data for me to analyst was derived from CNBC News, BLOOMBERG News, Local media news and other people comment.

After hearing, reading and receiving such information, I was tried my way to understand it and analyst it before any conclusion. Of course, I have a strong personal knowledge to assist me easier to understand it.

On such skills, while you are made some special statement would against the people wish. You will face a lot people criticising on you and pissed off by people. Such feeling is not easy to absorb it, because you hold a difference opinion to against people wish and hope. You may feel lonely and helpless.

In order to trust in hand data, you also must treated the data in hand is you friend. Like everyday, the data price and volume done in front of you monitor screen. It comprising day high, day low, top ten volume, top low volume, total volume, top ten higher gain and tope ten lose.

Everyday, I am watching the data and trying to understand it. I treat every transaction was done is a word speaking to me and I would trying hard to understand it, What their trying to inform me?
After concluded the said data, I would use such data matching the entire economic environment.

People always use their own assumption to interpret market trend. But, my assumption will support by certain realistic data. Hence, my assumption does not far away from facts. That is not a super skill but require you must have certain strong knowledge to assist to capture the right and meaningful data.

So, I have had skill but the skill derived from hard working to study realistic data in hand.

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