Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today and Yesterday

Yesterday, Dow Jone up about 936 points. The history up record brings surprised. But, if your are been share market long time and well know about this game rule. You should not be surprised.

Before Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, DJ index was about 10,360 to 10,700 points. After that, the index has fall down all the way until was touched as low as 7,900 on last Friday.

As a normal trader, should understand the market would be technical rebound at anytime. Usually this rebound would take few days, but yesterday Dow Jone only took a trading day been recovered. Is it the recovery will long sustain or turn it to stable.

At this circumstance and you are a fundamental trader, I believe you are still staying away. Because you do not have any supporting data in hand to encourage you to build up you investment portfolio.

Today throughout out the radio, one of the DJ asked people about the PM statement. Actually, I hate hearing that kind of discussion. Why?

I am always believed every topic want to discuss at public media. The organiser should provide some data for referring. I am wondering why all people commented PM being tell lies to population of Malaysia. Are they got any supporting data in hand? Are they well knows about economic? Are they is a Financial Analyst? Are they a shareholder in the public company?

I do respect everybody owned a right of comment. But if the said people just expressed out personal interest and idea to the public. That is totally meaningless plus misleading. It may indirect convince people loss confident on certain fact. If PM’s statement actually consist of 50% realistic data, Do they would compensate any lose to anybody been listen and trusted the comment?

I am feel sad after listening such comment because while everyone suffering the impact of heavy adjustment on equity market. No one could provide us a meaning full data to guide us. Some more has such irresponsible people misleading us.

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