Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5 Billion

Yesterday, our government was announced reserve 5 billion for ValueCap Company to assist KLSE maintain shares price for those valuable company. The announcement does not specific the term and conditions, and also did not said which company has been dedicated. But it would bring more in doubt to the equity market because the said ValueCap Company has been established since 2003. But, as at today everybody noted there is no specific report or annual report for this company.

As a population or Malaysian Citizen, we are not surprise because this is our government’s style. No information, no data, no report and at last all are cover under the carpet.

The above news did not bring me had any disappointed because this is not the first time. My frustration was derived from one Article/Forum written by one local Chinese media. In the page 2, the Article header is “ 5 billion is enough or not enough”

Firs at all, I disagree and hate the article header and the paragraph number 3, 5 and second last of the said article. Why?
That is because: -
a) As everyone noted, the previous 5 billion has been injected that is no anyone of taxpayer aware how is operated. The header indirectly encouraging our government injected more resources into said company.
b) In the paragraph 3, misleading local Finance Institution applied same management and risk control as USA and never consider the said funds only indirect help those riches man maintain their assess.
c) In the paragraph 5, complaint the 5 billion too little, but forgotten ordinary people does not gain anything from such policy. Is it he was tried to tell government should take up 700 billion to buy over the KLSE listed stock at current price?
d) Wishes government provide more rescues plan instead of encourage people hard working to maintain/face recession on economic. We do welcome all rescue plans, but it should not only hope for the said fund applying on certain group of people.

If there is not enough, I am here given another suggestion to the said writer. Why not asking government use all the resources of Malaysia buy over the KLSE listed stock at market price of 1,500 point and maintain the high level at least 3 year? I think, that will bring more effective and reasonable.

“ Is that enough or not enough?” or “Is that bring the writer any happiness?”

My illustration on the above is not trying to against the write/anyone. But, just thinking that if everyone wants to be a responsible people, we should be able highlighted the valuable points to ordinary people to understand every system adopted by government. It shouldn’t bring more dispute/misleading issue to harm ordinary people. In my wild opinion, enough or not enough problem should not be highlighted in the public. The most important is: -

“Effectiveness on such scheme/policy.”
“Final result could bring how many ordinary people direct/indirect enjoying benefit on such call system.”

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HappY LinG said...

so sad tat i dun hav 5 billion ... the company zham dou lo ...