Saturday, December 4, 2010


Why people rejected my job application? People commented the interviewer too choosy. But in my opinion, they maybe did a good decision although my application does not success.

If I sit the position of them I would not select a person who carry the sickness can join into the company. Because I hold a responsibility to company, that is pay the amount to get a good condition thing. I am not a boss and the salary is not paying by me. So, I must ensure the new employee should capable to work.

I am a person who just taking a surgeon operation on brain. So, not one can guarantee the side effects do not happen on my body in the short period of time. So, I am not angry at all for the failure of interview. Because I am not even can give more evident to proof myself in the good condition to work. As well as doctor also can't give me any report to proof I will not have any bad effect on my body because my injury part is a main operating system of the body. Hence, i personally must continues suffering on that.

Malaysia legal system will kill everyone suffering on accident. The procedure of claiming of insurance must go through a lot of procedure. If both parties do not agree the settlement amount, the legal action at least must take 3 years or maybe more.

Law does not set time limit for final judgement as well as also do not limit the attendant times for every case on each party . So, lawyer playing on delay activities to help someone and on the same time allow the defaulter enjoy the happiness. On the others hand, victim must suffer on paying extra money to pay the higher lawyer fees.

My own idea is, Parliament people should table a new law to cover such loophole to prevent the serious case/criminal case delay by unnecessary delay and faster obtain the final decision from the court.

If our law have provide such efficiency, our ETP or NEM can be success in short period of time. No one wasting time to attend the court and foreign investors dare to through money to invest at here.

I believe that time market index can shut up to 5000. That is not a bullshit because transfer the money in and out from Malaysia will faster 3 times than now. Confident build up because of investment of everyone is protected. Foreigner and nation will trust law can help them recover back the money from any illegal way.

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