Friday, December 31, 2010

New Job

Finally, get a new job. The paid not that good but it can minimise maintain back my life in normal. Start working few days, find a very odd environment has been arised in these industry. Last time, every one of junior must have strong basic of knowledge on such industry. But current market created those graudute no basic at all. How is the study environment they had it in the University. What is the lecturer guidance them? I really do not know.

Maybe the rapid changes environment requirement, it was indirectly compulsory them deliver fast and quick product to meet the market. Working people should aware that they should do the right job on such position. Not only obtain the beautiful title and high salary doing the lower ground job. So, that were created some jobs no people can work, and some jobs over supply.

The superior should well know the staff talent and allocate the suitable job for right person. Otherwise it would created inbalance system and evetually affected the organisation running smooth and well.

First day when I meet the junior and inform him should excuted some job before the date line. He was told him that is no his responsible plus tell him those assignment must completed by me.
Friendly speaking, that was made me angry. Means that he trying to allocate the assignment to him by his opinion. Further tell him, director never ask him to do such job. So, that is hot his responsible on that.

The entire department under my supervision but junior told me those jobs should completed by me. Further guide me I cannot assign him any jobs. So, finally when I asked him those jobs which one he can produce to me, That answeris , that is non one of those jobs he had experienced.

These attitude was make me understood, he coming here to enjoy the high title to upgrade the status but actually he did not know that is a basic of his position. Furthermore, he had claimed that typing work and data entry work enough to help me gain him to well know these industry. So, what can I say?

Obviously, no one happy stay one professional in his whole life. But as long as you use it as working instrument. At lease you should able to provide some basic things for company/employer. Assignment of job by head of department duty. Normally when I noted his earn so high pay, the task allocate should be more quality than others. Otherwise he can not show any good example to junior and also misuse company resources to employ a new and more quality staff.

I am always believed, guide junior earn more skills and help them growing up as strong as you. Finally the superior can earn more than loss. Because a wiser junior can direct you a new vision and new solution on the same problem. Please do not scare about youngest people replace you. That is not a good theory in life. So, open yours mind to teach and let them go back to same direction with you.

Talking about KLCE, those stocks registered high in year 2010. Are they can continue in 2011 perform as good as 2010. But base on my experience, the rollere coaster theory may arise in KLCE. Down about 300 points and up about 300 points from 1500. That is a big difference and so, the timing of in and out is very important.

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