Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where are you staying?

In town centre, or village? Everyone need a bed and space for relaxing after the hard working day. Normally we are separating the our working place with relaxing place. So, we must have a rest place after the office hours.

A lot of people come from difference town need to rent a room or house. After they have saving enough money, they will buy a house. A developer use this trend to build up the house to sell. Some others use this as excuse to speculating as high class investment. Despite Government trying hard to impose some regulation to provide some place for poor people. But in our associate already indirectly classified someone is high class or some group is low class.

Perhap everyone prefer be a high class people. but I am believe their life is tough and lose direction. The basic need turn to luxury and bind themself as an animal to work hard on that. In the 20 century, the western countries purpose as welfare countries to allow people enjoying their life after retirement but there are suffering in this century. After a decade, old people take over the suffer from someone. Who created such fault and let them suffer?

Remember our old generation always told us. Our grand grand father plants a tree, next generation enjoy the fruits. Is that a correct economic theory? This theory always make me confuse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A poor father and a rich yougest. That is a trend. As as today we still beleive it. Now, can we change it ?????

Soon we can see a group of youngest can't staying in KL centre, they are trying move back to hometown to stay. A faster inflation force them back and the war will start between the brother s and sisters. They are fighting be nominated in his/her father's will. Are you may become one of them?

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