Monday, December 6, 2010


Investment shares must have some skill to do it. So, do you want to copy someone skill as guidance. A lot of investment theory books hot sale in the book shop. Hence, the published and the writer earn a lot of money from that. So, before you earn any money from market, they have been rich.

Refer back all riches man in the world, they do not want to copy from others. They had created, new idea of trading and make a new things for sell, they also develop own way of trading. At last, they are succeed.

So, if you have mixed up the few master's theory and create a new style of investment. In future you may become a riches man. If you had copy someone skill or only listen from analyst report ,the best result is only can survive with normal. Because good things already using for their own and you are only can receiving the secondary information. Of course, copy means minimise the risk but all conditions must be 100% same as creator. If one of condition does not same, you may lose everything.

Examp;e like, you must invest the same amount of money and same stock as creator. You must always update the some information as him. You behavior and character must be same as him.

Can you do that??????????????????

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