Tuesday, December 7, 2010


vise China was created the bubble very fast if one day burst, the speculating money cost about 1,000 billion USD will run to Asean country. The money must place some where. I just wonder the Asean can absorb how many percent on that. If Malaysia market can absorb one percent. It is represent about 100 billion USD.

The stocks market can up about 800 points. Properties market up about 50%. Actually those funds has been plan something. Because in year 97 and 98, the same crisis was happen in Asean, now is china.

Most of the people tell us a lot of business man invest in China. Actually they are not invest, they are utilised some resources at there, especially the manpower/labour cost. They destruct the market in progressive way, they push the normal market price into jumping step. From step by step push to run by run or grabbing style.

The strong economic should create by government. It should be from ground to high. If government interfere that, the result is rich become riches. Poor become worst. But usually government only listen the rich man comment and advise. So, the rich man follow his own agenda to maximum their profit instead of take care of lower ground people. The fundamental does not change, the difference of amount on spending and salary can create a big hole and distance. Finally demand of necessity things become difficult. So, if the government want to help people, it should assist ordinary population stand on cement ground. That is no bubble and can be last long of stable.

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