Monday, December 13, 2010

In town

Whole day travelled in town. Along the travelling see a lot of changes. After my surgeon operation, today was me stepped my foot in KL. Although my injured part on my brain. But I am lucky enough recovered very fast.

The new development of housing and new development of infrastructure full string along the road. Maybe if I am still staying at home, one day i will miss the direction. In year 2010, some good news bring our shares market index shut to new high. I can say that I was missed the boat. Because my prediction on KLCI is negative and good for short selling on future index year. So, If I am a fund manager i will lose heavily on that.

I was predict correct on Gold price can hit up to 1300 but wrongly predict on KLSE index. QE2 policy in federal reserve of USA give me a shock and so make me wrong prediction on future index.

Honestly I am not 100% wrong because after I was noted some cash flow were jumped into ASEAN Countries. I did recommended bought in properties sector shares. So, the losses can be recovered.

What is yours planning in next year? Are you ready a big funds to jump into the super bull market in Malaysia. The volatile of shares price excited and will me can't sleep proper in year of 2011.

In centre of town make me felt tasteless, because hot weather bring me uncomfortable. Maybe too long period never step into capital market or maybe last 8 months I living as Communist style. So, if today I wanna to buy a share. Which counter I should buy? TMC or MRCB????? Let me study first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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