Wednesday, December 8, 2010

High Income

High income should not means you are earning high salary and believe it that is rich. In my mind, high income should be able to classify that you can receive any amount but can enjoy low cost on yours daily expenses. Like Hong Kong, you must pay 4 to 5k to rent a room and the ordinary worker just received about 8k monthly salary, that is meaningless.

High income means you necessary daily requirement represented on your monthly salary lower than 20%. The balance of it can use to improve your current life style. Most of people use the extra income to buy luxury item for enjoyment. But if you can use it as investment to improve you income, that we can say one day you may rich.

Just read an article said, if you buy a car as own use. That is liabilities not asset. I do agree that because car must paying road tax, maintenance, toll and petrol. It become another instrument help you and me spend money. It is not a asset.

So, I wish at here one day if my monthly salary touch 10k, hopefully the teh tarik not like HK sell at 15 per cup.

A dream be high income people attach with high expenses. environment . Finally you are getting zero. You retirement date is null. Similar like if one day index break 2,000 points, your holding in hand shares still worth about 2.00 as at points of 1200. So, do you happy on that.

So, high income should established by every population must believe effort, innovation, fair, contribution and hard working. If someone still waiting Grandfather distribution of assets or a partial people still believe the assets still belonging to them. The high income of population just a dream or one day, you can see in our city full of high rise building but the neighbour is grouping by poor association society. Inbalance extremely so it does not bring everyone happy.

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