Sunday, December 26, 2010

Honest and disappointed

Plus's minority shareholder had set a double attitude on one same issue. If Plus increase the toll charges, they are angry. When some one offer better price to take offer the company, They are tell us, it should not sell it because that company every year given out the good dividend.Or that is too low on offer price because toll charges going to increase after the fifth year.

In Malaysia we can see so many of selfish people like that. They can earn happily although or actually kill someone bone or blood. Due to such attitude from them, corruption had happen in our surrounding almost 50 years. Just because of unfair agreement signed by government, entire population in the country must carry the burden more than 50 years. Like IPP project, we must pay unlimited money to satisfy the shareholders. Let us calculate the shareholders in the said companies. Maybe are about 300,ooo only. Compared with our population, they are 28 million. Because of 300,000 people , one year ours must bear about 29.7 billion. So, please ask yourself if you are the said company shareholders, how much dividend your are gaining on that investment?

Be a fair population in these country, your are helping poor people to take back their hard earn money from government. So, honestly ask yourself, are you feel disappointed on misuse of resources in the country?

Hence, scarify a little bit of 60 cents and allow us to see better way to get back population assets better than your are being any donation. Please do not think to earn few cents and eventually allow yours second generation suffer forever. Viewing better life environment in the future can save multi 60 cents rather than now your just can earn about extra 60 cents.

So, if I am minority shareholder in the said companies, (IPP or PLUS). I will demand an agenda to reject both offer and maybe request government or EPF take over the full exercise of acquisition. Refuse any public company or private equity offer. That is the right to help everyone enjoy the benefit.

Honestly, stock can only use for speculating. If holding long term, sometime the behind issue on the company may really sadness. Of course, business world should not attach any emotional. In my opinion, we earn money must feel happy. So, selection is actually control by you. Why you always refuse it?

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