Thursday, December 16, 2010

Benefit & Interests

Who want to be 2nd class in the company? I am believe everyone wants to be head. Recently I had an interview and noted that someone started took leave after the new recruitment been advertise.
Is it good for corporation? Are you agree that it could help you gain some benefit by way of on-strike?

When one company start growing up, management requires the volume and quality of job must be in proper. Otherwise, they will feel loss control. So, as a quality staffs we should support the new recruitment to assist company continue growth to meet the market requirement.

If system remain unchanged on new expanding. The existing system be encumbrance. So, staffs feel tired and boring. The incentive awarded to specific person/individual become intransparency. Management can not know what is the right decision on daily operation.

The right person should recruit in and existing staffs should learn absorb the new idea. In KLSE, a lot of company still applying old idea with their business. So, HR Department simply reject quality person with own interest. The top management fear to meet new business and do not have any new ideas to grab more business.

So, finally just wait at there to meet the crisis arrival. Scary to compare because of bad quality of skill. Worry the recruitment because of new staff gain better salary. So, covered up all infomartion to care about own interests.

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