Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time is Money

"Sometime you feel regret because you was forgot to capture a good opportunity to step in the game in advance."

"Sometime you feel regret because you are playing in the game but forgot to interview a new job."

Same as above in you circular of life, you would faced a lot of uncertainty and unfortunately. As well as in the equity market, you are always searching a lower price to buy and higher price to sell. Every minute the transaction is going on, if you missed it. You would regret forever.

Let me give a example if you are investing in Malaysia equity market may occurred you lose the golden opportunity in investment.

A foreign investors come in to Malaysia to invest, he need to apply approval from Bank Negara. Same as if he wants to go out Malaysia, also need a approval. Hence, if Malaysia equity market had a PE ratio same as others development country, It would not bring any advantages.Because development country adopted a policy for equity market with "no currency control "and "better financial servicing."

A good trader or investors prefer a free float currency market to manipulate the funds to enjoy the high yield. Every second or every minute for them is important. They had to well know this theory in their dictionary ie " Time is Money".

If Malaysia equity market wants to attract more investor, we need some changes in our policy, otherwise although the PE ratio is same as others, investors may prefer other market in advance.

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