Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bad Day for Genting group

Resort hit the 2 years low at RM2.14 closed. Genting also going to test its lower price of RM3.58 again. A lot of people in doubt what is happening on this group?

In fact, if apply the PE ratio, most of the Blue chip at KLSE are expensive if we compared with others regional market's equity share. Furthermore, our country financial services not that good. Because every outflow and inflow strictly control by our bank negara. So, if both market had a same PE or fundamental value, Foreign investors will not consider invest at here. Because, "time is money".

Hong Kong break the 15,000 points at yesterday because of China forex side effects. Because the saving looking some way to parking their funds in order to maintain the better yield to against the inflation rate.

So, KLSE step in to dangerous level at this week if Genting berhad break the strong support at 3.58. This is a good guidance and alert to holders of blue chip. Please be careful and take the necessary step to minimise you lose on you stock in hand.

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Ivan said...

Hi Stockname,

Does you mean somewhere else PE actually is same with Msia PE? Thus, the cash outflow is coming to the country?

May I know what it mean with "Time is money" as you sharing before?