Thursday, December 18, 2008


Every one will feel fatique while he had faced: -

a) Spend more earn less
b) Investment more gain lose.
c) Work more paid less.

In the investment of shares game, people would applied various theory to understand it but finally found that lose direction. Especially most of the equity you had bought declared profit decline as well as reduce payment of dividend.

But I am 100% respect our local fund which is managed by PNB, although market is bad, they still managed to pay higher dividend. Malaysia Government should transfer those manager to manage our GLC company. But I never see anyone get promote to such company. Very funny and interesting ????

Why KWSP did not employed PNB funds manager to help ordinary people to earn extra? Is it a funny and interesting question????

What i am understand is KWSP could paid higher salary better than private sector plus eligible pay more than 6 months bonus to employee. Why they cannot employed such high skill fund manager from PNB? Why???

A lot of questions brings me feel "Fatique".

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