Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Am Correct

As per yesterday projected, the KLSE index performance badly in today. The volume of traded reduce substantially plus top volume counter tried hit the support level again. Hence, after analyst the performance of KLSE in past few days, I am here suggest the support level will stand at 854 points and year end closing should stand at around 864 points.

This is not so bad for this 3 months (Oct 08 to Dec 08) when compared with others country’s equity market. It was never broke the 800 points again and successful given the “800 points’” buyer some gain. So, I am here identified the “800 points” is strong support level for KLSE. This is a good guidance to those Technical Analyst player. In my own opinion, if broke the above said strong support level. KLSE equity market would be adjusted another 20% lower from 800. This is a bad news and hope that will not be happen in year 2009.

Of course, this year is a bad year for fundamental player. But I am not worry, because this category player always proud to say that their investment portfolio is plan for 3 years or 5 years.

At last, if you had taken profit on today. TA player (technical analyst player) should consider “Quit trading in coming 10 days.

Good Trader should aware opportunity always is there as well as you are “Ready”. Stay away from these game a while because you need to relax you stressful mind. I am not encourage a player involving into these game day by day, because we do not own a power to forecast 100% accuracy on every buying or selling.

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