Tuesday, December 30, 2008

1.2 million

Our country can maintain the GDP because of: -
a) Government maintain employed about 1.2 million labour
b) GLC company still maintain the existing labour
c) Retirement labour from government contributed about 6.5 billion per annum.

The biggest contribution of government department’s servant to the internal demand could be maintained the GDP as positive level. If per labour earn RM1, 000 per month, the total salary per month pay to government servant are amounting to RM1.2 billion and one year about RM14.4 billion. It did not include the benefits like, medical, accommodations, allowances and retirement benefit. This necessary expenditure highly supported our internal demand at certain level. Hence, current economic crisis in the world seems like never landing our country.

The high ratio of employment rate on government servant in the Asia day by day eating our nation wealth and resources. Subsequently, increased of nation budget to maintain such cost by way of borrow. Our generation would not suffer short of resources but the next generation could bear all the resposible and debts in the coming 50 years.
I wish some intelligent people can give some good idea to solve the above matter and provide a better vision and future to next generation of Malaysian.