Friday, December 12, 2008

Small Up Rally is over

After analyst the Hong Kong index, I was found that the small rally on this period is over. As per my own indicator, after Hang Seng index broke 13,200. It can be touched 15,800 represented about 2,600 points or almost 20% rally. It was confirmed that on yesterday transaction on Hong Kong market. The entire Asia Pacific equity market follows their step and also registered a small up run in the last few days.

KLSE also follow the step of Hong Kong market at Wednesday and Thursday in this week. Of course, it was brought some shares provided small or litter margin for day trader. In this month, Technical analyst player gain the advantages on short period of trading but it would not attracted any long-term investor step into market to create a strong base at equity market. Hence, the overall performance of equity market still remain is weak.

So, as an investors please remember:-

“Quite does not means the economic recession is over. Up move in certain period of time would not mean that the bear was gone.”

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