Saturday, December 13, 2008

They are not eligible to receive Any Salary

Lehman Brothers CEO, AIG CEO and 3 auto mobile CEO, they should not eligible any salary from now. Not even USD 1.00. By right, the whole family of them should provide a free employment to the above company at least 5 generation in their family.

As an ordinary people or employee, the yearly income is about USD50k. So, when the above said CEO enjoying the high income in year 2006 & 2007. It could be paid per person above USD50 million yearly. Hence, they had received the money more than 50 year extra times than one ordinary employee. But they have been brought the company faced the bankruptcy as well as asked for the bailout from taxpayer's money.

In order to penalised them, their entire family should provide free service to the above company. My opinion is, every bailout plan should provide a clause to enforce EX-CEO be a free pay employment in the specific company. Otherwise, they are still enjoying the good benefit, if the bailout plan finally suceed rescue the company.

Do you agree my proposal?

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Ivan said...

:D fair for the son if his daddy , as CEO for Lehman? How about the son's of son?