Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Internet Connection Problem

I think a lot of people wondering how come this few days never update my blog. In my area there, the telekom streamyx had problem on connection.

Tell you are a joke, initially i thought is my modem or ethernet card problem. So, advise by Telekom purchase a new equipment but finally they said is their problem. They wasted 3 days then only allowed me report faulty. This is so called efficiency for GLC company at Malaysia.

On the same time, the media highlighted that TMI going to privatised the company. That is impossible deal, they had faced the problem on debts and cash liquitity only listed TMI. Now i believed that is only certain securities use own imigination to talk about this proposal. Why?

Maybe they had advise some powerful people accumulating this shares during the listed day and also maybe this shares hit to RM5.00, they have been recommended to someone.

I do not know my prediction is correct or not but the media wrote such article/report has indirectly given a wrong direction to public investors. At last, i just wanna to said "That is impossible deal".

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