Friday, December 5, 2008

Another Bad Day

Today, TMI price done in the range of 3.04 to 3.20. On that day, based on my own calculation, it should be hit below 3.00 but it successfully support.

So, is it TMI would be continues hit lower in the coming next day? My answer is “Yes”. Today, after analyst the overall movement of KLSE, I was noted another KLSE index counter Genting Berhad also soon be challenge the strong support price at 3.58.

The individual counter break the strong support does not bring any bad impact to overall performance, but if few counter of index member did the same move and broke the strong support. It is seems like market index going to search the new lower support.

If Genting, Sime , TM and TMI all in the coming days break the support. I am here to predict again, KLSE index will hit lower than 800 points soon.

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