Thursday, July 31, 2008

Market index at KLSE may hang around about 10 points up and down

Although USA DJ hit another 180 ++ points, but seem like the Asia regional market did not follow the step. Because recently was happen DJ after break 11,500 points, followings is heavy adjustment again. Another reason is US dollar stronger also pulling some funds back to US.

If you are holding a lot of position on last 2 days and mostly the shares already hit the volume page. It will bring you a worry.

Today, after reviewing the KLSE index at 11am. My own opinion is their ware no any heavy adjustments on index link counter. But I afraid the top volume stocks will not given you any profit. The supporting will derived from others penny stock in the market. So, if you wants to playing contra game in market. It will bring you facing a lot of challenge.

I am also playing the intra and contra trading, because I was believed human lifetime is very short. It is guide me must be sure and sharp plus accurately to do every purchase, in order to minimise the loss on trading.

Overview market will move up and down about 10 points from this level for another 5 days. So, I still insist buying SAAG-WA and HWGB plus HSI-C6.

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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